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Think box vs Swing box

There is not a single golfer that hasn't stepped up to a golf ball with a million different swing thoughts in their head and then try and execute a good golf shot. I think we can all agree that more often than not the results are usually not positive. So how do we stop this? What we need to do is separate our think box from our swing box. So the think box can either be behind the ball or to the side and this is where we allow ourselves to take a few swings and visualize the shot we want to hit while also trying to feel yourself swinging properly. Now make sure this routine is only a few swings don't be the golfer who takes 50 practice swings and then freezes over the ball for a minute before finally swinging, nobody wants to play golf with that person lol. Ok now that you have felt your swing and thought about what you would like to do it's time to step into the swing box where we are doing just that- SWING, no thoughts, no worries, just step up with conference and hit the ball. If you can practice this routine until it becomes habit I guarantee you will hit better shots and also reduce anxiety and stress which nobody should have playing golf it's supposed to be fun and relaxing 😎.

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