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Practice with a purpose

How many people go to the range to practice and just smash ball after ball with the same swing and no real game plan while still expecting to improve. The real difference between practicing and practicing with a purpose is having a plan and sticking to it. I always try and take long breaks between shots and really visualize your next swing because that's what we do on the course so we need to try and have that same feeling on the range. Also don't hit 20 shots in a row with the same club I try to do 3-6 and then switch. When we are the course we rarely hit the same club twice in a row so why do it on the range. Next try and picture a hole you know well and play it on the range using driver off the tee then iron then wedge especially when you are warming up before a round the very last thing you should do is play the first hole on the range so you can step up to that first tee relaxed and ready to succeed. Come in to go for golf and we can map out a practice plan that will work for you and get instant results.

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