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Picking the right golf ball

So how many people think all golf balls are the same if you are a average golfer. I would guess about half. Not only are golf balls designed for different skill levels they are also made for different swing speeds. Take the ever popular ProV1 golf balls for instance, these are designed for better ball strikers who want low spin off the tee but high spin around the green but if you are a good golfer but don't generate a lot of swing speed you might not want those balls. What most golfers don't know is every golf ball has a certain amount of compression and you can find that number right on the box. If you have a faster swing and generate alot of speed you want a ball with higher compression number to maximize distance and accuracy and Vice versa with someone who swings nice and easy and needs a ball with lower compression to help the ball explode off the face with less effort. Lower compression balls are usually in the 30's and 40's and high compression in the 60's and 70's so next time you are shopping for balls look at the box and find that number and try to match your swing to your golf ball and see if you see any improvement.

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