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Mapping your bag

Knowing how far you hit every club is so important if you want to have success on the golf course and our simulators are a great place to do it. So often I watch golfers take the wrong club out and hit it over the green or fall 20 yards short because they never took the time to map out how far they hit every club in their bag. When you go to the range bring a notepad and hit 6 shots with every club only write down the ones you hit well then take the same shots only doing 1/2 and 3/4 swings and write down those as well. That can be hard to be exact outdoors but not on the launch monitor. you don't even need to write them down just take a screen shot of your yardages. Once you have your numbers down solid take some white tape and put it on each club right below your grips then write down full,half, and three quarter yardages on your clubs so you can look down and feel confident you have the right club for every shot. So come on in I would be happy to help you map your bag it's really fun too!!

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